Please let me introduce myself.

I go under the name T3X, it is my normal name changed by a formula and so i came up with it, and I totally like it. What you like, you should keep.

I have been always interested in music and the techniques around it, love the sight of a huge studio mixer or pa system, you know these with all those buttons, A LOT.

As i started with a accordion from my grant dad i started after that with a Omnichord 2, if i knew music basics i would have done better at that time. And so it went until I reached the age of 15, started to get more interested in keyboards and have saved quit some money to buy my first mini keyboard.



When I started to learn reading notes and understanding chords I get a full size Yamaha keyboard, after that a Rolland E15


Pretty cool at that time, now i started to record my own music and learning more about music theories. And finding it not having the complete package compared to quality and not being able to create my own sounds there was only one choice for me, I met the Korg T3, a complete solution for me in the form of a workstation, create your sounds and have a 16 track sequencer at you disposal. It went finally the Korg 01 Wfd, the later version of the T-series. Now a lot of years later in this age things happen more and more with computers and software synthesizers, and they do a great job. I have a complete list with software synths and recording isn’t any problem also. In the old days you needed for everything a separate machine to process, reverbs, delays, compressors, mixing and so on, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand it cost a fortune and you need a hangar to give it some place. Those days are over with the computer tech this days.

There is still some difference in quality, if you want quality you need to pay.

Well here is my list of soft synths i have bought;


Korg Digital pack Korg

Includes M1 and Wavestation and a FX to load in a FX rack of your DAW.

Korg Legacy pack  Korg

Includes the MS20, Polysix and Monopoly

Electra2 Tone2


Synthmaster2  KV331Audio


And others i will post later separate.


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