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Cheap Icarus synth from Tone2

I have been looking for the Icarus a long time, well online that is. It’s for me one of the greatest synths Tone2 made, I also own the Electra2 from them but the Icarus has being on my wishlist for quit a while now.

So to the point… I found a store online called “Big Fish audio” you can purchase a license for just €89 or $104, that is quit a bit more cheap than buying it on the Tone2 website, the price you pay on there store is €149 or $199… A real big big huge difference. The only point here is you have to register with “Best Service”, there you put the code you received from BigFishAudio and then you will receive your final register code to use with your Icarus.


Specs of the ICARUS can be found here

Just wanted you to know, I never do commercial stuff so this just something you can use for your own benefit.

Have Fun


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