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Mothers of the World

Mothers of the World, this one is dedicated to them.


Dedicated to my own mother.

But also dedicated to all the mothers of the world, it’s no different, it’s all to the dedication of those women no matter what age, raise, religion or colour.


Because they deserve it to be placed where we can honour them, it doesn’t matter but all people on this planet have being born and so we all have a mum, we all have them or had them.

All the mothers of the World need some TLC, it’s a full time job and ones a mum always a mum, the bondage is always other then with dad’s, we are born out of them and have been a part of them since.

To be a dad is a role, to be a mother is nature, it comes with the instinct almost all mothers have it, even if they do not recognize it, even if they can’t raise a child but it keeps a mother for ever, till the end.

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