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Hi there, long time ago but well… I’m still going strong. Have had a really busy time and where doing all kind of other important things, you know…

I recently I stumbled over a Korg R3 and a Korg MicroX, both great synthesizers and had to buy theme both… For a real good price I think. Both great but also very different.

The Korg R3 is a real synth, like synth yes? The MicroX has hi quality build in samples to touch and filter… For the more realistic sounds like strings or piano, it also has a lot of drum kits and the nice part about the Micro is that you can stack up sounds like the well known combi’s like the M1, 01W and others, what is also a pro as a con is the amount of keys, I do not mind I also bought myself a Novation Impulse with 49 keys. That will most definitely do the trick.

Still figuring out how to set up the Novation Impulse with my software synths. And O Heall yeah, FLStudio just recently released there number 20 because they are on the market for 20 years (make sense right?)

So it is going to be a lot of fun 4 me to produce more music, I never thought I would buy hardware synthesizers again but the feeling is so great… I love softsynths but a real one gives also some great feeling.

What I did more is upgrading my pc what is the heart of my music making, having a 4 core with eight threads @3.2Ghz working like a charm, equipped with a 250Gigs SSD on Win10 64… The machine starts in 3 seconds, just the best thing ever… So when you are going for a new computer system, get yourself a SSD with that :)


When I have been making some presets for the R3 and MicroX I will putt them on here for download.

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